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 OC Roleplay

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PostSubject: OC Roleplay   OC Roleplay Icon_minitimeFri Apr 23, 2010 10:02 pm

It's the year 2015.
Like the people on the streets, adveritsing everywhere fortold, the world ended in 2012.
But, it didn't end like they said it would.
On New Year's eve, 2012, everything was normal. The second after midnight, an explosion of 5 oil tankers [?] in the Antartica caused sound waves all the way up to China. But that was only the begining. A big chunk of Antartica exploded with the ships, adding more water & fuel in the ocean.
The next day, the residents of the southern hemisphere awoke to find dead sea creatures washed up on there shore. The waters had risen about 1 metre worldwide. The ocean was dead. The low countries flooded, all the people there were killed. There was no saving them. The currents changed, the warmth in some parts of the world stopped. Many died. A plaugue broke out from the dead fish. The world from China down were killed, as well as any oceanic area. Some may have survived if they had hidden from this deadly plaugue carried by insects, animals & other humans. The humans didn't even know they had it, there were no symtoms. They all died within 24 hrs of contracting the disease. There were earthquakes, severe & killer superstorms, tsunamis, freak blizzards & such. [like a disaster movie] In the end, a very small portion of the human population remained.
Since there weren't as many humans or animals to transport the virus, it changed. It wasn't killer, it only transmorfed them into an animal, it may be ugly & twisted or gorgeous & kind. It is a fight for survival on the planet.

The Form :
Character Name :
Character Ref / Pic / Detail Description :
RP sample :
Are you active? :
Anything you want to add to the plot etc.? :

My form :
Name : Sequin, 39553
Character Name :Tempest
Character Ref / Pic / Detailed Description : OC Roleplay Green_10
RP sample : See plot.
Are you active : Yes
Anything else? No.

Members :

This will start when we get 5!

The Rule : NO one liners!
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PostSubject: Re: OC Roleplay   OC Roleplay Icon_minitimeSat Apr 24, 2010 11:31 am

Name/ID: Lake
Character Name : Alavury (Al-A-ver-E)
Character Ref / Pic / Detail Description : Below (I like my forms to be "together")
RP sample :

Quote :

The slight breezes coming from the north tugged at the ends of the dragon-like animal's shaggy green mane, blowing it over her stone-gray eyes. She stood on the highest stone she could find along the cloudy, grim ocean shore. The white rims of waves pushed toward her, sometimes running over her charcoal-colored claws. She felt her tail sweep to the side, unable to fight the wind without the rest of the body's strength. Narrow creases lined her sides, showing just how hungry she had become in the past nights.

Her home had been a small, irrelevant island that peaked over the ocean in one of the most vast regions of the world. She had been quite healthy when the plague had taken effect, and she assumed that was why she had survived this long without a proper diet. Rays of sun bore through the slivers in the clouds, allowing little light for the fea to hunt. She let out an annoyed moan and slowly made here way down the shore.

Are you active? : Yes
Anything you want to add to the plot etc.? : Nope, looks great!

OC Roleplay 168gbw4
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PostSubject: Re: OC Roleplay   OC Roleplay Icon_minitimeSun Apr 25, 2010 6:20 pm

Name/ID: Jamiee Hatake
Character Name : Evony
Character Ref / Pic / Detail Description : A miniature wolf with a sleek, short and white pelt. A tuft of black fur runs from the top of her head, all the way down her back and to the end of her thin, cat-like tail. Evony has a green eye with a blue iris, then a blue eye with a green iris. She has extremely large, tall ears.
RP sample : This isn't her, it was taken from another roleplay. A horse one, to be exact:
Quote :
The mild spring breeze blew fresh across his face. The birds sang. The crickets chirped. The stream babbled on endlessly. The rain came down lightly. The beat of his own heart drummed in his ears.

The stallion stood in the middle of it all, silently observing the small world. He was rather content, considering everything that had happened in the past few days. Weeks. Or was it a month that had passed by? He really didn't know.

And he really didn't care.

He remembered thinking. Oh, just let it be over. But what did he want to be over? The days, the nightmare, the feelings...

He really didn't know.

You're not on your own anymore. You have a family.

The words screamed inside his head. He was sure anything within a miles' radias could hear. With a low snort, he turned his back on the sun and headed back to the small cave where Creature, Regret, Maroon, and himself all lived.
Are you active? : I come on every day!
Anything you want to add to the plot etc.? : Nope
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PostSubject: Re: OC Roleplay   OC Roleplay Icon_minitime

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OC Roleplay
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